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Related article: Date: Sat, 8 May 2004 15:35:13 EDT From: Subject: Chains of Love, Part One CHAINS OF LOVE, PART ONE by Tommyhawk1AOL.COM WWW.TOMMYHAWKSFANTASYWORLD.COM [Fair Warning: This two-part story is more relation-oriented than sex-oriented, though the sex is there and pretty hot if you are willing to wait for it.] The chains rustled in my hands as I looked down on my sleeping son. Fifteen years old and asleep, he looks like an angel. The dark hair of his head shines with silvery highlights, his nose slightly pug like mine, and his jowl too, but his lips are his dead mother's, callista model uncovered and that makes me want to kiss them and never let go. I think that was when Eric started going bad, when his mother died some three years ago. young model mania I had albatross models to work to kidz models support us even while I was still grieving, and for about a year, Eric didn't get the attention he needed when he needed it the most. Can you blame the kid for taking up with gangs? I was trying now, really trying, but maybe it was too late. Eric was with the wrong crowd, skipping school and not trying when he was there, probably using drugs occasionally (I hadn't seen him on any, but the gang he was with used them a lot). But the capper, the one which had me standing over him at four in the morning with a pair of handcuffs specially made for me with a long length of chain between the cuffs, was that a elderly woman had been robbed at gunpoint two nights before. Three boys had been involved, and one of them matched Eric's description. The woman hadn't been able to identify him...but she did the other two and they were Eric's best friends. So while I had waited to take Eric home, I had spoken with my friend who was a kidz models police officer...and this was his advice. One of the cuffs was already on my left wrist. Eric's right hand was thrown above his head, for he tosses and turns a lot in his sleep, thrashing about, moaning softly as if he's in torment. Maybe he is, though he doesn't call out in the night, crying from nightmares, any more. A careful lifting of his hand, he rouses and opens his eyes, a beautiful blue and I snap the cuffs shut on his wrist. "Huh? Hey!" The angel is gone, the face crinkles now into an angry young kid. Not just the cuffs, Eric's always angry now. "What the fuck is this?" "I've cuffed us together." I said to him. "The hell you did! Get it off me, old man!" "No." I said to him. I decided not to mention his foul mouth just now. "Get it off me or I'll beat the hell out of you!" he screamed. "Try it and I'll beat the hell out of you." I warned him back. That made him back down, I'd been working construction for years and could take him out any time I tried and he knew it. Street smarts, the only kind he had just now. "I'll call the cops on you." He said, settling down some. "You can't do this, it's against the law." "The cops know I'm doing it." I said. "It was Brad's suggestion." "Fuck Brad!" Eric said. "Watch your language." I said. "Oh, yeah, right!" Eric sneered. "You can't get away with bikini model diets this." "We're about to find out." I said. "What do you mean?" "Because these cuffs aren't coming off." I said. "Oh, long enough for you to pull on a shirt, maybe, but I'll be sitting on top of you while we do that. The rest of the time, the key stays right here at the house or in my gothic model essex pocket." "What about school?" Eric said. "Am I going to miss school? The principal said he'd suspend me if I missed any more." "No, you're going to school. And I'll be right there with you." And I lifted the chain to show it to him, let him realize the chain would be on while he was at school. "Fuck!" He said but this was lower and drawn out. He couldn't believe I was going to do this. "Now, do you want to go back to sleep or do you want to get up and have breakfast?" His response was to lay back down on the bed. There was enough slack in the chain to let him pull the covers over him and I let him do that. Unless Eric had learned to pick locks, he wasn't going anywhere surprising. "Scoot over." I told him. "I'm laying down next to you." He obeyed without comment and I lay down on top of the covers, turned off the light. I pretended to sleep and I thought about it all again and again. If any one of a dozen people complained, I was kidz models going to end up in jail myself for doing this. I could keep this up for two weeks, then I would have to take off the cuffs. I couldn't miss any more work than that. Two weeks to save my son. It was all I had; it would just have to do. The next step was wait for him to get caught and end up in Juvenile Court. I had tried to get him into counseling thai model toplist already; he refused to go. Maybe the court could make him go. The alarm clock went off at six-thirty; I shut it off. Eric jerked, grunted, groaned, ltaly nude models muttered curses under his breath he never set his alarm; I'd turned it on. He had actually gone to sleep, even with the cuff on his hand. I envied him that ability, sleep gets more elusive for me as the years wear on. He raised up his hand to wipe at his face and the chains moved and clinked and he looked at them, surprised. Maybe he'd thought it was all a dream at first, now he looked at them, then at me. "You really going through with this, Dad?" There was a hint of the loving son I had once had in that voice, I had a lump in my throat when I answered. "Son, you and I both know you helped to rob that old lady. Her eyesight wasn't any good, but that doesn't mean you didn't do it. If the only way to get you away from those boys and back in school, and for me to figure out where your head is at these days is to chain us together, then that's what I'm going to do. Now, get up, we have to get dressed." "I got to take a crap." he said. "So do I. And a shower." I said. "But you don't get the bathroom alone by yourself any longer, which means I don't either. So let's go." I looked away as he took care of his business with the toilet. I was sure now he didn't have any ideas for how to get out of these cuffs. He got up, I heard his boxers go back up his body and then as he flushed the toilet, I turned to him and said, "Okay, my turn." He didn't look away as I lowered my pants and pedo bikini model briefs, stared right at my crotch. I had a bit of a piss hard-on, I guess teen model florida that was why he stared. I didn't mention that, just sat down and tucked that stiffie under the rim and then he looked up at me, right in my eyes. If I'd been the least bit bashful about the toilet, I'd've been in big trouble. But on the job, you never know when or where you'll end up going, it makes you comfortable about it. Everyone takes a piss and a dump; bdsm product models it's a universal constant in all its forms. Done, I got up and wiped myself, and Eric took that moment to say (while looking quinn model tgp right at the soiled paper in my hand as I dropped it), "How are we going to shower? Together?" I looked at the length of chain. "Well...maybe one of us could stand outside while the other showers. I think the chain's long enough. But that would take twice ltaly nude models as long, maybe longer. It's up to you." He looked at the chain, not fighting it any longer, accepting it. A good sign; I think. "Let's just get in together." He decided. "Fine." I said as I reached into my pocket to get the key. My mistake, I'd put on my t-shirt before putting on the handcuffs, already I had to unlock it long enough to take it off. When I turned the key and the cuffs slipped off my wrist, Eric shoved at me, hard! I sprawled back against the washer/dryer and Eric tried to jump past me, toward the door and freedom. He might have made it if I hadn't closed the door, which opened inwards. But that gave me time to grab him and then I had an armful of struggling kid, I wrestled him around and face down on the dryer's top and he quit struggling, I shucked my t-shirt and he jerked and I grabbed him; if he'd moved a second earlier, he might have gotten loose again. I'd grabbed his arm, I twisted it around in a pin, and that let me hold him with one hand while the other found the cuff and pulled it by its chain, running my hand along it until I had the cuff in my hand and I let go of him, he started to jerk away, I snapped the cuff on my wrist and just let him try, he opened the door and halfway through, the chain pulled taut and I reeled him back in like a fish. "Shit!" He sighed. "Try that again and I'll see that you kidz models have some bruises to show for it." I said. "Get it through your thick skull right now, this chain is staying russen teen models on you." "All right." He sighed. "Still want to shower together?" "Why not?" He sighed again. "Get it over with." He only had on his boxers, he skinned them down his body and stepped out of them. His chest was nice but a long way quinn model tgp from muscled yet, his skin was clean and pale and smooth. His balls had a dusting of hair, but only a dusting, and a scraggly bit of darkening above his cock. He was a long way from having my lush bush. His cock was a little boy's still, rather small but getting larger, probably every day even. Eric was at that age, on the verge of becoming a man. I unbuttoned my pants and slid them down and his eyes followed me again, fastened on my crotch. Eric wasn't used to seeing his father naked, and I wasn't used to him staring at it. He giant ass models was so intent as he did it, I found it uncomfortably intense, almost like he had a hold of it. I felt my cock swell and distend and I turned away from him, and said gruffly, "Get in the shower, son." "Okay, Dad." Eric was in his obedient little-boy mode, I'd have to remember that it was just an act. Maybe. Eric got in and turned on the water, adjusted the temperature as it ran through the spigot in the tub, and then looked at me. "You getting in?" he asked me. "Sure." I said. I stood behind Eric in the shower with the spray going over his head to get to me. Eric soaked himself down and began to scrub soap onto a rag while I knelt over him and did the same. He moved and I had to rest my body on his to finish. I felt my son's naked body under mine and darned if I didn't start to throw an erection again . Done with wetting myself down, I turned off the water by pressing the water-saver toggle on the nozzle and took the soap from Eric's hand, began to lather myself up. Closing my eyes to keep soap out, I washed this way for some time, before I realized that Eric had stopped moving. I looked at him and he was looking at me, not at my eyes, but at my crotch. My cock was fully hard. He felt me looking at him, looked up, and grinned. "Getting into this, models kids 14yo old man?" he said. "Watch your language." I said to him. "I'm not the one in this shower with a hard-on." he said. "So we won't shower together again." I said and turned away. He chuckled. I thought about saying something, but couldn't think of anything to say. My cock went down as Eric turned on the water for a rinse and I made it through the rest of the shower without much trouble. With both of us dried off, it was time to get dressed. I wrapped a towel around my loins and said, "Okay, kid, to your bedroom. You get dressed first." "You going to sit on me stark naked?" he asked with a smirk. "Yeah." I said. God, my dick was getting hard again. What was wrong with me? Not used to human contact, and too long since Janet died, that was all, I decided. Should have jerked off before I started this. Would have to figure out a way and time to do that sort of thing if I was to stay chained to Eric 24/7. Eric didn't make any trouble about the clothes, he laid them out and slipped on a clean pair of boxers and said, "I'm ready for my shirt." "So lie down on the bed." I said. He did, his feet still on vlad child models the floor and I got up and sat on his legs. With the towel around me and his boxers, I had as much clothing between us as I would at any other time. I undid the cuffs, Eric put on his shirt and I resnapped the cuff on his wrist as soon as he got the hand out through the sleeve. He got dressed and then it was my turn. Again, Eric made no trouble, he lay on my bed while I sat straddle of him and undid the cuff on my wrist, pulled on my work shirt and put the cuff back on. "That's the way to do it." I said to him. As I got off him, the towel still around my waist slipped off and I bent over to retrieve it. And Eric's hand slapped me right on my bare ass. "Nice butt." he said smartly. "I would make you pay for that." I said to him. "But you're already paying, aren't you?" "In spades." He agreed. "Think you can keep up with me all day?" With him clothed and me naked, he felt in charge. "Sure." I said. "Since you won't be hanging with your old friends today or for some time to come, why not?" Eric sat next to me in the pickup as I drove us to school, he climbed out my side when we got there, me in the visitor's parking. I don't think people really noticed the chains at first, too busy staring at Eric's Daddy right next to him as we walked in. But when we got to his classroom, he sat down and I was left standing in the aisle. The teacher walked in, and that was when everyone really noticed the chain. "Eric, who is this man?" the teacher said to Eric. "It's my Dad." Eric said. He was actually enjoying the spectacle. "We're chained together. Dad says it's his way sexy models naked of prepubescent models pics teaching me a lesson." "Mr. Gardiner, is this true?" she asked me. "That's right." I said. "And Eric will be behaving himself in school and paying attention to you and doing all his homework on time, for as long as I'm doing it." She paused about three heartbeats. "You'll need a chair. Geoffrey, there's one in the closet in the back of the room, bring it out for Mr. Gardiner. Just set it in the aisle for him." And that was all the static they made in school about me being chained to Eric. I think it 2004 f150 models surprised Eric, nobody making a fuss about it. Schoolmates would come up and talk to him and to me, and ignoring the chain, at least in words, though it got looked at a lot. By the end of the second period, Eric was through thinking anyone was going to help him out of this jam he was in. He tried talking to other people during lessons and I yanked the chain, jerked my head back to the teacher (by the second period, word had spread all over the school, a chair was waiting for me by Eric's desk in each classroom! Of all the ways I'd expected people to react to the sight of a father-and-son chained together all day, this was the last!) and he turned back around. Third period, teen model topsites he tried it again and I yanked the chain, he ignored me, and I cleared my throat. He ignored that, too, and I said softly, "Eric, pay attention." Silence fell over the classroom, teacher and students, they watched this play out. Eric kept on talking to the guy who was no longer listening to him. "Eric, I said to shut up and pay attention to your teacher." He still ignored me, and I reached up and whacked him on the top of the head. "Hey!" He said to me. "Shut up, turn around and pay attention." I said. "Or I'll march you down to detention hall myself sexy models naked for a half hour after school. Understand me?" "Yes, sir." he said. "Now pay attention to the teacher." I said. "I'm going to review this material with you tonight and you'd better know the answers." "Or what?" He tabitha teen model sneered. "You'll chain us together, maybe?" That got a couple of snickers and he beamed. A point for him. "I'll make you watch Sesame Street at home every morning before school." I said. "I might do that anyway, your grades in school stink, and this stuff isn't hard. I learned all this when I was half your age." "Is that why you went into construction?" "I'm doing what I want to do." I said to him. "And with an education, you can do the same thing." "I was doing what I wanted until 2004 f150 models you chained us together." I leaned close and whispered. "Is that why you robbed that helpless old lady at gunpoint two nights ago?" I asked him. "Doing what you wanted? Is that your idea of a good time? Or did you just tabitha teen model need the money? Plan on making that your career, maybe?" He looked at me, and then down at his desk. I let him stew about five seconds, then I said in a normal voice, "Now sit up straight and pay attention to the teacher. My son is going to get good grades in school whether he wants them ltaly nude models or not." The teacher didn't have any trouble with anyone in his class the rest of the hour. It's funny how kids that age pick up on the dynamics of something. For now, they were watching to see how this all played out. Not on Eric's side, not on my side, just...watching. When the final bell rang, I said to Eric, "Get your books. You'll be bringing them home with you every day so we can review the material. Two hours of study every day until your grades go up. Maybe I should say, two hours every day until I know you have a handle on this stuff." "I don't suppose we can stop for a soda on the way home?" he said. "Not today." I said. "Let's go." A couple of the kids yelled "Good-bye, Mr. Gardiner." and I waved to them. Beginning to test the waters, I think. In the pickup, Eric said, "I can't believe you got away with this all day long. Nobody said anything about you having me locked up like a dog." "Correction." I said. "Locking us both up. I'm stuck with this, too, you know." "It stinks." "Yes, it does." I agreed. "But I can't figure out what else to do." "You could trust me." "You lost that when you helped rob that old lady." I pointed out. "Eric, I'm your father and I love you. Maybe I don't always do such a good job of showing you that, but I do. I love you so much I'm willing to stay shackled to you long enough tween nonnude models to figure you out." I looked out the window. "I should say I don't know where you went wrong, but I do. When your mother died." I looked back at him. "You were twelve and had just lost your mother. You needed more attention from me. And I wasn't able to give it." "You didn't come home a lot." Eric said. "Spent the night with friends or came home late, drunk." "You know why I did that?" I said. "Because it hurt too much to come home and not have her there. But I should have done it anyway, because you were still there and you needed me. My sister...your aunt wasn't enough. You needed me and I wasn't there." I put my hand on his, shackles clinking together. "I'm sorry I wasn't helping you through all that. But I'm here now...and I'm not going away until I get my son back." Now I want to tell all the people out there...fifteen isn't too late. A kid is willing to come back to you at that age, wants to come back, needs to come back. He may goof up after that, but he's still on your side if you just give him the albatross models chance, and some clear instructions on how to do it. You can turn back the clock. Back at the house we did the lessons and he went along with me. Even began to laugh and talk with me. Helped me make dinner, didn't fight the chain, helped me to use it and still get things done. We sat side-by-side on the couch, btm model torrent watching television. An action-adventure, Eric caught me by surprise by his question. "Dad?" "Yeah, son?" "Do you still think about Mom?" I smiled callista model uncovered and patted his thigh. "Every day and every night." "Me, too." I put my arm around him, cursing now the chain that made that awkward. But he snuggled in against me. I tousled his hair with my other hand and he looked up at me. "You look a lot like your mother." I told him tenderly. "Is that why you got a hard-on in the shower?" He asked me. "Maybe." I admitted. "Or maybe I just haven't touched anybody for a long time, ltaly nude models naked, that is. A man has his needs, and I haven't been taking care tabitha teen model of mine." I stroked his face. "You're such a pretty little boy, you know that, Eric?" He licked his lips and then reached his face up to mine. I still don't know just how it happened, even though I've told you everything I know. I can't explain what I felt, what he felt. It just...happened. The kiss that I expected to be so gentle and son-like was like a fire that shot through my veins, all the need and deprivation that I had lived with for so long turned into a spear that lanced out of me and toward my son, I grabbed and pulled him roughly toward me. He didn't fight it, indeed, he had my fire, the same fire, it was like he tried to squirm up into my lap and right inside my body. His hand gripped my crotch...and it was fire! Groaning, gasping, I felt my arms full of my son, I mouthed his lips with my own, sent my tongue into him a roughly impudent thrust inside of him, he moaned and my hand found his groin and there teen model nymphs was a surging, hard pole inside of it, he moaned long and low and slow when I held onto it through his blue-jeans. "Oh, God, Dad!" He moaned when I released his lips to taste his neck, kiss his warm, soft body, so small, so tender, so vibrantly young and alive. "Oh, Dad, UH!" and he thrust his cock upwards into my palm, hunching with the instinct that needs no training, that is there waiting patiently until this moment when it can guide the body in the most basic need it has. My clumsy, thick, work-roughed fingers fumbled with his zipper, fought it down in slow, reluctant stages, Eric moaning in my arms. I got it halfway down and my hand wormed into that warm denim, finding the fly of the boxers below and down to touch the warm, smooth flesh, guided by warmth, my fingertips found the base of his cock, that hot rod of joy distended and distorted beneath the material and when my young model mania fingertips touched it, Eric groaned loudly. "Oh, GOD, DADDY! Daddy, yes, please, touch it Daddy, touch it!" I got my fingers around it and Eric groaned, gay teen modelling his head came over and rested against my shoulder, his lips kissed my shadow of beard, rough prickles against youthful tender lips. I lay Eric down on the couch and with one knee on the couch and straddling him, I caught the button at the top of his jeans and I pulled it roughly open, I skinned those jeans and boxers down his body and his white young flesh came free of it like it was shedding a skin, a rough, dried, used-up skin, and the body beneath all fresh and new, alive and vital! His cock was a hearty shaft some five inches long, it was standing tall and stiff and proud like it was three times as big, Eric kicked the clothes over his feet and his loose-fitting sneakers he favored slipped from his feet along with them, and suddenly he was bare but for his t-shirt and socks. I lifted up his t-shirt, not wanting to delay touching him tabitha teen model again by releasing the chain, but wanting to taste him, I lifted that shirt up to his neck and exposed his twin nipples of tiny brown ovals, I took one in my mouth and tasted it and Eric's cock was a burning pole in my stomach, Eric's hands caught my head and shoved me downwards, hard, I let him do this, let my son shove my face down his body, my tongue tasting him as we went and Eric's hands were on top of my head and pushing me down, down, down, while he moaned in his need and his energy. That sweet little prick of callista model uncovered his was no bigger than a peppermint stick, I took it easily into my mouth, all of it at once and let my tongue taste the entire length of it as the cockhead rested on the back of my throat, my lips held it at the base. Eric groaned lustily, "Oh, Dad, yes, please Daddy, suck my dick, suck me Daddy, please!" I was glad to do it, I wanted nothing more than this, to suck my son's virginal prick, bring it to its first full joys and as I pulled that foreskin up its shaft, and as I did, Eric moaned and shuddered so strongly that I wondered if this alone, this one pull on his prong with my mouth, would bring him off. I reached the top and held it and he moaned and I slid back down and he groaned, thrashed beneath me. "Oh, God, Daddy, too much, too much!" he sobbed. "OH, GOD!" I lifted my mouth away from that sweet, luscious, gorgeous young cock, and I was panting like I'd been carrying sacks of cement for hours. "Son...." I said and my voice caught. "Son, I...I didn't plan this." "I know." he moaned. "I don't care! Please, Daddy, please!" I didn't know what he was asking me to do. I don't think he knew. "All right, son." I said. "We'll take it all the way." "Yes, Daddy." bdsm product models he sobbed. "Yes." I stood up and unzipped my pants. My workboots came off easy because I always unlaced them when I got home at nights, they hit the floor with a couple of thuds and then I could lower my pants and briefs and I skinned them down my hairy legs and stood up, stepped out of them one foot at a time. Eric's eyes burned into my cock, and now it was standing hard and erect and pointing right at him. Nine thick inches and he looked at it, right at it, and his lips drooled and his face lifted up towards it. I stepped over to the couch and put my knee on his other side, straddling his chest and Eric didn't need any more encouragement, he scarfed down my prick quickly, eagerly and again the intense fire I had felt with that first kiss surged up in me. Eric wasn't a good cocksucker, he had no talent and no skill at it, his mouth was dry and his lips inexperienced, but he wanted it, wanted it bad, and his sheer, raw eagerness gave a talent to his mouth that took the place of skill, he was sucking my cock into himself, sucking it hard, I felt my body turning inside out from that suction, and he began an awkward bobbing motion that turned my shaft into a seething, burning column, I caught his head, framing that beautiful face of his in my rough paws, and I guided him on my shaft, taking over his motions, fucking my boy's face while he clutched and sucked on it. "Wet your mouth, son." I groaned to him. That mouth was so dry, now that his eagerness was held in check, there was pain mixed with the joy of my son's mouth on my dick. "Get it full of spit, lots of it. It's what you'll need to really suck on it." I said. His eyes burned when I said that last and his mouth sexy models naked suddenly surged with moisture. free model galleries A man can teenage model gay get no better clue that his partner wants him than that; I began to fuck at my boy's mouth with firm thrusts and as my passion rose up in me, I got harder, rougher and faster. Eric choked, gagged and I stopped, mortified. "Sorry, son, I got too rough on you." I said quickly. I pulled out and he coughed and I lowered myself down to embrace him while he caught his breath again. "I'm sorry, son, I shouldn't have been models kids 14yo so hard on you." I murmured to him gently, nurturing, consoling. "Fuck me, Daddy." he whispered to me, albatross models a moist sound of syllables in my ear. I froze up. "What was that?" "Fuck me." he said. I rose up and looked into his eyes, earnest, eager. "Please." he said. I moved my inner knee to inside of his thigh and his leg on that side came up around me. I slid my foot still on the floor around his foot and the other came up and locked themselves around my buttocks. "Please, Daddy, fuck me." Eric moaned. "Son...son, have you done it before?" "No!" He moaned. "But I want it, Daddy. Please! it gently?" I shuddered, needing him, needing my son more than I've ever needed anyone since.... "All right." I said to him softly. "Gently." I guided my prong to his butthole and Eric felt teenage model gay the spit-slicked dong touching him there and he gasped, arced his back beneath me, threw his head up, his eyes rolling wildly. "Ah, ah, ah!" he groaned...and I hadn't even begun to penetrate him yet, he was reacting just prepubescent models pics to the wet hot slickness of my cockhead on his anus. "Ready, son?" I asked him. "Yeah, Dad." he groaned. "Nice and slow." "Nice and slow." I agreed pedo models pic and it was exquisite agony to do it that slowly. But I did, I held my rutting beast in check, the one that raged and seethed within me, the one that would have just shoved it inside him and started humping, the one that begged and surged at the chains that held it. Chained like we were. Chained until I would release it...and I never would. "I'll never let you go." I said to my son. Or was it to me? The words were aimed at him. "You're my boy and I love you and I won't ever let you go." His response was to close his eyes. "Fuck me." he murmured huskily. "Fuck me, Daddy. Nice and slow." "Nice and slow." I agreed and pushed into him more. I had my cockhead inside of him now, and he was wincing with pain, but the pain was well-mixed with his pleasure at having my cock inside of him, he didn't fight it, just endured it. Like a beast in a cage. I pressed onwards until my cock was inside him, nearly all callista model uncovered of it, barely an inch still remained outside. Eric was groaning, his bowels were surging and seething around me, and I was about to burst. I wouldn't try for any more, I decided, I would settle for this. I began to gently move back and forth...and when I did, Eric clawed at me like an animal. His fingers caught my back and clutched me there with his fingernails like talons, his body russen teen models was writhing below me. And I fucked my son, slowly, gently, even while this animal within him was gnawing at my soul, begging the beast within me to turn loose. I was losing the battle with my own bestial nature, my body began to speed up as Eric's innards relaxed and accepted me, it didn't seem so wrong to fuck him harder, faster. He didn't reprove me with a glance or a word or a groan, he just clasped me harder and lmodels sex I began to thrust into Eric, fucking my son in a way I hadn't since... It felt good to make love again, to hold someone I loved. I loved my son, I loved him! "I love you, Son." I panted out to him as angel video model my balls slapped his butt; I had gotten my kind innocent models full length into him now. "I love you, Daddy!" he groaned. "I love you! Oh, oh, oh!" I was out of practice. By holding back so long on my climax, I had shorted it out somehow, now I wanted to come and I couldn't! And I was running out of air, out of muscle power. My thrusts wavered, became erratic. "Oh, oh, Son, I have to rest a little." I groaned. "I don't want to, but I have to!" I stopped and Eric groaned and clung to me. "Oh, Daddy! Daddy, I love you!" "I love you, too, Son." I assured him. "Just let me catch my breath." "No, Daddy, sit up." he said. "Lift me up and let me sit on you." I understood and I put my hands under Eric's back 2004 f150 models and lifted him up, the two of us still joined, and I sat us both on the couch, now Eric was straddle of my hips and his face looked into mine. "Rest, Daddy." He said to me earnestly. "I'll take care of it now." And I groaned as my son began to bounce up and down on my cock. His face was screwed up in blissful joy as he fucked himself on my cock, I caught his little dick and began to pump it for him, and he groaned and his cock was a hot poker in my fingers and I stroked him harder, faster and he gasped, his onemodelplace adult performer eyes walled wide open and with a gagging choking sound, he came. His little prick shot an almost clear stream of jism out and onto my t-shirt, soaking me, I looked up into that face, and the angel, the one I had admired that morning, was there, was right there, he was awake and looking like an angel and I groaned, I was fucking my little boy, my little angel, and I groaned and gasped. "Oh, Son, I'm coming!" I moaned as he gasped and panted on top of me, his orgasm done. He bravely roused his body to fuck himself on me some more and I roared, my cock exploded, a furious outpouring of jism, a heavy flood borne on the fact that I didn't jerk off much, hadn't made love in years to anyone, all of that pent-up need burst out all at once and into Eric. Come gushed into him, poured out of him to stream over my balls and Eric held still now as I washed his butt in jizz, poured the need of years into bdsm product models my son's ass and as climax wrung my brain out like a damp washrag and shook it out and left it to dry, drained and limp, and I was limp and my son rested his body, his sweet, loving body, against me and nuzzled me warmly. "That felt good, Daddy." Eric said. "Yeah, Son." I groaned. "So good." "I love you, Daddy." he said. "I love you, too, Son." I said. "Are you ready for bed?" he asked me. I looked at the clock, it was nine-thirty. Well, it had been an interrupted night. "Sure, Son, let's go to bed now." He scooped up my pants and briefs for me, along with his own clothes. "We'll litles models sleep in your bed, yes, Daddy?" "Sure, Son." I said and raised up the chains. "As long as we're together like this, we'd better both sleep in my bed." "Okay, Daddy." I was sleepy, exhausted, triumphant. One day and my son was well on his way to being my little boy again. I hadn't planned the sex, but it felt good, really good, and right. This was going to work. Eric dropped the clothing on his side of the bed and climbed in. I got in and he snuggled up tightly to me. "I love you, Daddy." he said softly. "I love you, too, Son." I said. "God, I love you so much." "Good-night, Daddy." Eric said. "Good-night, Son." I teen model nymphs said and went to sleep. When I awoke the next morning, Eric was gone. The cuff which had been attached to his wrist was attached to the bedpost. And the key wasn't in my pants. Eric had pulled it from my pants during the night, locked me to my bed, pulled the phone from its place by the bed, and left. I didn't have to see to know he wasn't in his own bed. I had only thought I had my son figured out. The real struggle was yet to come. THE END OF PART ONE Comments, Complaints or Suggestions? E-Mail the Author at Tommyhawk1AOL.COM WWW.TOMMYHAWKSFANTASYWORLD.COM
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